Jim is a senior healthcare executive with 40 years of experience in multiple and varied healthcare settings, including large community hospitals with academic affiliation, a public hospital, a faith based hospital, and a healthcare system of 12 hospitals. He has a proven record of effective relations with medical staffs, boards, management teams, and communities. Jim has effectively merged the interests of diverse groups while focusing on the needs of patients. He is skilled at recognizing both sides and concerns of issues and successfully finding appropriate resolutions.


  • Experienced in various hospital governance models, including district, teaching, religious, small, and large facilities
  • Negotiated and executed a system merger involving Martha Jefferson Hospital and Sentara Health System
  • Expert in physician, board of directors, and community relationships
  • Negotiated select business relationships with an academic medical center
  • Developed joint ventures with both physicians and other community hospitals
  • Developed IPAs, MSOs, PHOs, and ACOs
  • Built greenfield replacement hospital and outpatient care center
  • Pre- and post-merger experience
  • Enhanced and ensured quality of care alongside physicians, boards, and employees

Professional Experience

  • Principal Executive Advisor – Warbird Consulting Partners
  • President/CEO – CVP/ Sentara Healthcare System, Martha Jefferson Hospital
  • President/CEO – Martha Jefferson Hospital
  • President/CEO – Queen of the Valley Hospital
  • Executive Vice President/COO – Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian Associate Administrator – Huntington Memorial Hospital
  • Assistant Administrator – Desert Hospital
  • United States Public Health Service

Professional Accomplishments

Worked successfully with multiple medical staff in a variety of communities throughout the years

Recognized for quality improvement and performance during tenure at several hospitals

Developed a strategic planning process that included how to discern best merger and acquisition decisions for the hospital, if a merger was determined to be an appropriate path

Oversaw financial program growth at Martha Jefferson Hospital five-fold over 20 years

Established multiple new service lines, growing medical staff from 140 physicians to 400+ members, and built satellite outpatient care facilities

Served on two provider owned health insurance plan boards

Established a PHO in 1994 which remains operational. Developed an MSO in 1995 which lasted for 10 years

Established a Regional Service Organization (RSO) to participate in a newly formed Clinically Integrated Network

Developed with physicians, boards, and management teams strategic plans dealing with multiple challenges, including a hospital where bond covenants were not being met, resulting in a successful turnaround

Established Martha Jefferson Hospital Foundation which became very successful

Participated in joint ventures with other community hospitals dealing with group purchasing, insurance, network coverage, and best practices

Built and established 8 outpatient satellite facilities of different sizes and service capabilities, (from 4,000 sq. feet to 90,000 sq. feet) while at MJH. Completed the construction of a new greenfield replacement