Richard has spent the past 30 years of his career serving as a Human Resources, Talent Acquisition and Operations management leader. In this capacity, he has always endeavored to leverage these functions as a strategic partner with a mandate to enhance organizational effectiveness and drive business success.

Now serving as the EVP of Warbird’s Talent Acquisition Solution offerings, as a practitioner consultant, Richard advises Warbird’s Healthcare clients on their TA needs. Then together with the TA team, custom tailors scalable solutions are implemented to help clients acquire the needed resources in a cost effective and timely manner.

Prior to joining Warbird, Richard served as an HR Director for the Huron Consulting Group and supported the Accounting Advisory practice, which is now Warbird Consulting Partners. Prior to that, he spent five years as a Consultant with a Human Resources professional services firm called Flex HR. In this role, Richard assisted numerous industry-diverse clients with a broad range of HR needs. As an advisor to Executive Management, Richard guided his clients to recognize the value and realize the tangible benefits of building a strategic HR function and implementing HR best practices across a full spectrum of HR matters.

Prior to his career as an HR Consultant, Richard served as the HR Director for several start-ups and fast-paced, rapidly evolving multi-location organizations within the telecommunications, professional services and manufacturing sectors. In each of these positions he was part of the senior management team, reported to the CEO and implemented innovative ideas and solutions designed to enhance organizational effectiveness.

Throughout his career, Richard has focused on leadership development as the critical path to organizational effectiveness. He first began teaching leadership courses in 1982 while serving as an instructor at the Fort Knox Military Leadership Academy.

Since then, Richard has provided leadership development training and consulting in every organization where he has been employed. Believing there is an imperative need for authentic leadership, in addition serving as Warbird’s CAO and EVP of HR, he has launched the Imperative Leadership development program which is offered to Warbird’s clients as a value added service.

In this capacity Richard provides keynote speeches, workshops and individual leadership development consulting services to corporate clients.