When entering a new engagement we must assess the organizational landscape beyond our technical abilities. Part of our effectiveness as consultants is our ability to interpret the environment in which we operate in our assignment.

What are the top three organizational dysfunctions that we are most likely to encounter when we go into a new engagement.

Three things to consider:

  • Ego Imbalance:  When arrogance and power or fear and insecurity are excessively driving behaviors.  Seeing through this lens and understanding this landscape can help us determine the most impactful influence strategies and avoid many landmines in how we are relating to our clients.
  • Ineffective Collaboration: It’s really important to understand how our client collaborates (makes and communicates decisions) in their environment. Assumptions in this regard can be very costly.
  • Lack of Transparency: Inclusive communication is key, especially the pipeline from shareholders to stakeholders. Transparency increases buy-in and teamwork. Transparency produces stakeholders.

Are there common issues that you’ve experience or observed when entering the new environment? What other advice would you offer to your fellow consultants?