Client Profile – Heavy Manufacturing – DOD Contractor

The Need

  • Financial restatement and required SEC filings
  • Revenue recognition deficiencies for government contracts
  • Request extension of filing deadlines for NASDAQ compliance
  • Develop accounting policies and procedures for SEC reporting
  • Interim support for vacancies in key management roles

The Solution

  • Deploy experienced technical and SEC reporting consultants to lead specific initiatives addressing  revenue recognition issues and begin the restatement process
  • Provide experienced interim management support in key roles : CFO, Controller, SEC Reporting Director and Accounts Receivable Manager
  • Develop, plan and then aggressively seek reporting extensions from NASDAQ to prevent delisting
  • Develop accounting policies and procedures to standardize reporting and day-to-day operations

The Results

  • NASDAQ provided the Client with a 180 day extension; this deadline was met and client was not delisted
  • Client successfully restated its financial statements and filed all outstanding SEC Reports

Subsequent to the completion of the restatement and SEC filings, client re-engaged our team to assist with the reconstruction and roll-back of their inventory balances to prior years