Proven Performance

Our Government Practice assists Regulatory Agencies and GSEs in advancing the value of their objectives by preserving capital, enhancing governance processes, and overseeing and enforcing regulatory paradigms. Our residential mortgage advisory services are distinct in yet another very important way – our capabilities have been primarily developed in support of government agencies dealing with a range of mortgage issues over the past 5 years. As a result, we believe we are best viewed as part of the solution and not part of the problem. This means less potential conflicts – – and fewer surprises – for your institution.

Receivership Assistance Contractor (Current Engagement)

  • Deploy large teams of banking experts (approximately 1,000 contractors deployed since 2009) to manage the receivership process on behalf of the FDIC for failed financial institutions
  • To date, Warbird has managed the receivership of ~50 financial institutions
  • Services provided included the full range of closing support functions, including: Facilities, Asset Management and Servicing, Claims, Investigations, Settlement, Employee Benefit Plans, Financial Closing Process, Personnel Administration, Franchise Marketing, and Branch Marketing

Loss Share Compliance (Current Engagement)

  • Deploy teams of loss share experts to review compliance with loss share agreements on behalf of the FDIC for acquiring institutions, which have acquired the assets of failed financial institutions under Loss Share Agreements
  • Currently, oversee the compliance of 28 loss share banks, which comprise a total of 55 Task Orders, to review SF and NSF loan portfolios; and 1 investment LLC with Loss Share Assets
  • Services encompass oversight, surveillance, and accounting and credit compliance monitoring of Loss Share Agreements for Single Family and Non-Single Family loss share loans, including whole loans and securities backed by SF and Non-SF loans. Under these contracts, certain assets of a failed bank(s) are identified as Loss Share Assets and passed to an acquiring bank(s) under Purchase and Assumption Agreements subject to Loss Share coverage

Due Diligence for Single Family Real Estate (Current Engagement)

  • Provide due diligence services including data capture, aggregation and analysis, documentation file review, underwriting review, and regulatory compliance review
  • Additional services include: credit quality stratification, loss mitigation stratification, review sufficiency of collateral valuations, ARM audit & repair, and document payment histories