Summary of Work:

Warbird Consulting Partners provided an Interim Purchasing Manager for Denver Health and contributed significantly to work in a variety of areas.


Denver Health’s CFO reached out to Warbird for an Interim Purchasing Manager. The need was driven by a natural vacancy in that position, with the need being exacerbated start of the Covid-19 pandemic, creating an urgency to acquire a large amount of PPE (personal protective equipment).

Areas of Focus:

Warbird Consulting Partners’ Interim Purchasing Manager added value in the following areas:

  • Basic acquisition of various items, including PPE
  • Working with Supply Chain staff in numerous areas
  • Ongoing weekly coordination with the primary medical/surgical distributor representative to discuss any outstanding issues
  • Significant involvement with the selection, negotiation, and finalization of the main medical/surgical distribution agreement
  • Participation in the restructuring of the Supply Chain department to make it more efficient
  • Work with project team with respect to Laundry Service RFP and selection
  • Participation in Denver Health leadership meetings
  • Work with external providers with respect to freight services
  • Work with numerous internal teams on flu vaccine program and requirements
  • Involvement with numerous internal teams on Purchasing processes and how they might interact with the new version of Lawson to be implemented


Warbird Consulting Partners added value in each of the areas noted above. This value came in both quantitative and qualitative benefits.


Warbird Consulting Partners filled the vacant Purchasing Manager position very successfully, particularly at a time when purchasing help was most needed, as the Covid-19 pandemic was just beginning.