In only three and a half years, Warbird Consulting Partners has built a strong reputation on practitioner-consultants, rapid deployment in time-sensitive situations and relevant subject expertise in every industry we serve. We’ve made our mark in the professional consulting industry and now we’re making our mark permanent with a brand that matches our reputation.

Warbird’s new tagline: Uniquely Qualified. This tagline captures the story of our unique capabilities in the marketplace while also representing our business model and the ability to customize our approach for each client.

The goal was to develop a new company logo that represents the four areas of Warbird: our services, practices, clients and people.

Our Services 

Our new logo signifies an abstract and edgy version of a bird in flight. When Warbird was founded at the end of 2011, we began associating ourselves with an American bald eagle. The eagle has characteristics that include the ability to fly at 10,000 feet, laser-sharp focus, and fearlessness. When we begin a project for any client, our first step is to assess the business from a 10,000-foot view and identify the client’s general situation of the issue. Then with laser-sharp focus, we develop solutions to drive results for our clients by looking at everything from processes and procedures to financial documentation. With fearlessness, Warbird attacks each client issue until it’s completely solved and we exceed the client’s expectations.

Our Practices

The three colors of our new logo represent each Warbird practice. The blue hues communicate the similarities of the skill sets between each of our practices, yet they are uniquely serving different industries. Warbird Advisory focuses on companies undergoing significant event-driven change resulting from M&A, restructurings, and capital market events. Warbird Healthcare focuses on senior healthcare finance consulting, information technology (IT) solutions, integrated finance and IT solutions for revenue cycle and interim solutions. Warbird Government Services focuses on finance and accounting assistance, risk management and governance, business operations support and forensic reviews and litigation consulting.

Our Clients

Our focus at all times is on our clients. We strive to offer our clients sustainable solutions and deliver positive growth with unrelenting excellence. Our new logo represents our ability to deliver impactful results for our clients. The bottom piece of our logo represents the foundation of how we deliver, first by listening to the client’s needs and meeting those needs with our niche capabilities. The middle piece of our logo represents the execution of the project; we will always do what is right for our clients when executing a project. The top piece of our logo represents the results from our deliverables. We ensure that our results make a positive impact at the client, whether that’s filling strategic interim role to ease the stress of operational continuity or managing a project to improve overall financial performance.

Our People

Our team is at the core of our business; without people Warbird would simply not exist. The bottom piece of our logo represents the support foundation of the corporate and internal staff. This foundation allows us to efficiently operate our business and maintain client focus. The middle piece of our logo signifies the project management we wrap around every client engagement. Our client relationship managers, delivery management and business development personnel are continuously communicating to clients and consultants to ensure our deliverables are consistent and meet the highest quality level. The top piece of the logo represents our practitioner-consultants in the field. Each consultant is uniquely qualified to deliver the work that is asked of the client and are our greatest ambassadors.

Our new symbol in our brand is an expression of who we are today and where we want to be in the future.

Warbird has landed and we’re here to stay.