May 15, 2017 — Warbird Consulting Partners and The CEO Advisory Network are proud to announce a dynamic new partnership to help healthcare executives tackle the full spectrum of challenges facing the healthcare industry today. The partnership will bring together consultants with a wide range of expertise in finance, strategic planning, and overall performance improvement to provide a continuum of support across the C-suite, including CEOs, CFOs, and COOs.

“We think this is a historic and unique partnership because our approach addresses a problem that has been lingering in the industry for years, but that nobody has taken meaningful measures to address until now,” said CEO Advisory Network Senior Partner Alan Yordy. “Because we come from many different backgrounds, we are able to break down the silos. We can create a holistic and integrated solution set that addresses an organization’s needs across multiple business units and workflows.”

Warbird Managing Partner and EVP, Healthcare Doug Fenstermaker agreed, saying “There’s an enormous advantage when, for example, a CEO and CFO are in the room together as true partners working on solutions. Hospitals see the benefits from all perspectives — from operations to physicians to revenue. Not only is the strategy stronger, but the united leadership demonstrated by presenting ideas together to other executives creates an enormous sense of positive momentum.”

In addition to broad spectrum financial consulting support for C-suite executives, Warbird Consulting Partners and The CEO Advisory Network provide interim staffing services for executive leadership vacancies. Warbird’s OnDemand service is a proprietary national network of over 4,000 tenured and thoroughly vetted practitioner consultants. The CEO Advisory Network adds well-respected and capable Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officers to that group. Together, this partnership will help organizations fill critical C-Suite vacancies before their impact is felt — often within a few weeks or less.


For press inquiries, please contact:
Doug Fenstermaker
Managing Partner and EVP | Warbird Consulting Partners
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Alan Yordy
Senior Partner | CEO Advisory Network
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