When would you use an elevator pitch?

You’re in line for coffee, you’re at a bar waiting on a drink, or you’re in a buffet line at a luncheon, conference, or awards ceremony – all of these seemingly insignificant interactions could be your chance to get new business with a captivating one minute elevator pitch.

Creating a Solid Elevator Pitch

  1. Connect with Empathy – Create a specific pain statement for the customers you want.
  2. Offer an Objective Solution – Continue showing them how smart you are by offering up an objective solution to their issues. Begin with: “Wouldn’t it be great if…?”
  3. Provide Differentiation – A true differentiator is something your competitor can’t do or won’t do without great effort or expense.

The What and the How (Example Pitch)

Warbird is a professional services firm that goes above and beyond by offering customized, value-driven accounting and financial solutions combined with highly-experienced resources.  Warbird supports healthcare, government and public sector clients as well as a multitude of industries, all who have project needs that demand special attention, rapid response and scalable services.  Warbird helps clients resolve their most complex business challenges by delivering measurable and sustainable results.


  • Make sure your pitch is fresh and adjust your pitch according to who is listening – you’ll be sure to get their attention
  • Leave them wanting more- elevator pitches are supposed to be short
  • Test yourself and get as much feedback as you can

Don’t miss out on your chance to use your elevator speech; you never know where it might take you!