Warbird’s project professionals have vast experience helping organizations understand the need for change in order to achieve and/or improve specific strategic goals. We help to minimize the organization’s resistance to change by integrating change management and project management and an understanding that without change, the organization’s growth is limited. Our approach includes utilizing proven professionals who develop and promote transformation models and best practice elements to help change-managers in the organization understand specific needs and challenges inherent in sustaining performance after major changes are adopted. By quickly highlighting pain-points that require immediate attention, the amount of time it would take for collaboration, and the benefits of developing robust solutions, our team also helps time-pressed executives who need straight-forward analyses to make on-the-go decisions. Our processes include:

  • Change readiness assessment
  • Comprehensive change management strategy development and implementation support
  • Step-by-step documentation of change management initiatives
  • Crafting and managing stakeholder communications
  • Executive sponsor and designated change agent support
  • Planning and oversight of end-user adoption and training
  • Strategy development for addressing and overcoming change resistance
  • Implementation risk identification and mitigation strategy development
  • Leadership development and training


Warbird’s project professionals help government agencies and financial institutions clients identify opportunities to create efficiencies and implement strategies that help them do more with less. Contact us today to learn more about our service offerings and how we can help you.