Project Background

A city government offers annual public Lottery awards to qualified cart and kiosk vendors within the City’s public right of way. The Lottery was designed to ensure that all the vendors have an opportunity to be selected for a right of way location prior to the application and approval process. In order to remain independent, the city government hired Warbird as an independent firm to conduct the Lottery.

Services & Solutions

  • Vendor Lottery process review and redesign
  • Vendor Lottery methodology review and refinement
  • Randomization tool selection
  • Design of the controls for fair Lottery execution
  • Transparent Lottery execution and awards
  • Post Lottery process and data analysis
  • Reporting

Outcome & Results

  • Quick turnaround from vendor data collection, to Lottery set up and execution
  • Well defined and communicated rules to the public
  • Transparent Lottery and immediate winner announcements
  • Shorter Lottery time
  • Reasonable assurance that controls in place provided fair opportunity for all vendors

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