Summary of Work:

Starting in 2019, for the purpose of providing more accessible patient business services while improving efficiency and performance, Trinity Health began a corporate initiative to standardize and centralize all back-end revenue cycle functions into three Patient Business Service Centers. This was one of Trinity’s two most important initiatives of 2019-2020. A massive undertaking, this initiative required the sourcing, screening and hiring of hundreds of multiple levels of staff from line to Vice President, staff orientation and staff training all in a very short time. Trinity relied on Warbird Consulting Partners to source, screen, pre-qualify, process for interview and manage all communications for the hiring of these resources. Additionally, Warbird provided resources to effectively train newly hired staff to perform in a metric driven, leading practice healthcare organization. Warbird Consulting Partners worked collaboratively with Trinity to market, source high quality candidates, facilitate client interviews and process those candidates in a flexible pay only when hired model. Warbird’s ability to flex up on short notice, was instrumental in Trinity meeting its ramp up goals and timelines cost effectively.


Trinity Health is one of the largest multi-institutional Catholic health care delivery systems in the nation, serving diverse communities that include more than 30 million people across 22 states. Trinity Health includes 92 hospitals, as well as 106 continuing care locations that include PACE programs, senior living facilities, and home care and hospice services. Its continuing care programs provide nearly 2 million visits annually.
Based in Livonia, Mich., and with annual operating revenues of $19.3 billion and assets of $27 billion, the organization returns $1.2 billion to its communities annually in the form of charity care and other community benefit programs.

Trinity Health employs about 125,000 colleagues, including 7,500 employed physicians and clinicians. Committed to those who are poor and underserved in its communities, Trinity Health is known for its focus on the country’s aging population. As a single, unified ministry, the organization is the innovator of Senior Emergency Departments, the largest not-for-profit provider of home health care services — ranked by number of visits — in the nation, as well as the nation’s leading provider of PACE (Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly) based on the number of available programs.

Areas of Focus:

Fast and cost-effective sourcing, hiring and training of qualified staff. Based on the needed resources and short timeline, Trinity leveraged Warbird to execute 5 important steps in building the patient business services centers, at a time where internal resources were insufficient to meet the demand.

  • Advertise – Understand qualifications, needs, geography and avenues for creating interest in the organization and leverage the most effective means to generate interest and obtain sufficient levels of talent to fill huge gaps.
  • Sourcing – Rapidly expanding and leverage the recruiting team to identify a pool of highly qualified resources meeting talent and personality expectations of the organization in a timely fashion.
  • Screening – Conduct state of the art qualification, employment history, past performance and personality assessments in a time sensitive manner.
  • Interviewing – Conduct multiple levels of phone and web-based interviews to document qualifications, assess fit for the role and prepare the candidate for an interview.
  • Processing – Review and revise credential and background documents, set up interviews, conduct interview debrief discussions and initiate hiring process.
  • Training – Support Trinity Health’s need to fast track process orientation and performance improvement through providing on-the-job training resources to support evolution.


  • Significant, qualified staff hiring across three geographies to achieve implementation timelines
  • Flexible partnership effectively and efficiently sourcing both staff and leadership levels on this critical initiative
  • Flexible approach to ramp up and down allowing focus on key recruiting areas as needed
  • Excellent partnership established that contributed core competency to needed initiative


The collaborative efforts of the Warbird team to support Trinity in this critical initiative facilitated the hiring of highly qualified candidates at a pace that was not possible leveraging only current Trinity staff. While the initial project has reached its planned hiring goals because of our partnership, an ongoing partnership for the sourcing of quality, at times hard to source resources quickly and cost effectively has continued.