Summary of Work:

Warbird deployed a full range of individuals to effectively re-establish this hospital’s Finance and IT infrastructure, as well as assist in numerous other areas. More specifically, St. Luke’s Hospital had been merged and fully integrated into ProMedica Health System approximately five years before the FTC mandated that ProMedica divest St. Luke’s Hospital. As such, St. Luke’s Hospital had basically only a CEO, three or four mid-level accounting and/or finance professionals, and the hospital building itself. Warbird was tasked with rebuilding the Finance and IT functions from scratch and standing up the hospital.


Our Client is a mid-sized community hospital in Maumee, Ohio. Given the FTC ruling, St. Luke’s Hospital needed to fully re-establish all of its functionality and separate itself from ProMedica, who was switching from its parent to its competitor in the process. The re-establishment of its functionality included Finance, Operations, IT, Physicians, Managed Care relationships, employees, debt, board and management structures, and other related areas. With the exception of a high-level strategy firm, Warbird was the only consulting firm used for these services and was instrumental in making the divestiture successful.

Areas of Focus:

Warbird’s work spanned the entire spectrum, with emphasis on the following areas:

  • Divestiture negotiations with the FTC: Warbird needed to convince the FTC that St. Luke’s Hospital could survive as a stand-alone hospital.
  • IT: Warbird re-established all of the necessary IT systems.
  • Revenue Cycle: Warbird re-established the hospital’s Revenue Cycle, from beginning to end.
  • Board, Management, and Operations: Warbird worked with the CEO and certain Board members to recreate or restructure these functions.
  • Managed Care Relationships: Warbird worked with the CEO and others to re-establish new contracts with managed care entities.


St. Luke’s Hospital was very successful in its divestiture from ProMedica, with Warbird being a critical and very instrumental part of this very unusual process. As a result of Warbird’s work, St. Luke’s Hospital’s divestiture occurred as planned, with no significant glitches in any of the key processes.


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