Summary of Work:

Warbird Consulting Partners has provided interim resourcing to Memorial Healthcare (Owosso, MI) for various positions over the past few years. It most recently provided an Interim Benefits Manager. Given the experience of the interim individual, this person was extremely successful providing not only excellent performance with respect to Benefits Administration support and leadership, but also providing additional Human Resources expertise as well.


Memorial Healthcare (in Owosso, MI) is a rural community health system centered around its hospital and supported by numerous outpatient activities. Having a critical vacancy in Benefits Administration, Owosso turned to Warbird who rapidly provided them an experienced interim resource able to hit the ground running and assume oversight responsibility for the function.

Areas of Focus:

Benefits Administration leadership and support, leading to an expanded opportunity providing guidance in other functional areas of HR.


  • Worked with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) to develop a dental network for Memorial Healthcare employees. Memorial made a coverage change to BCBSM dental plan on 1/1/20, and Warbird developed a list of dental providers for BCBSM to contact to join their dental network minimizing the gap of local dental providers.
  • Worked with BCBSM on billing. Some funds were posted to the wrong accounts, which resulted in Memorial’s dental coverage being canceled.
  • Assisted employees with Dental, FMLA, and ADA benefits.
  • Assisted with the furlough of 240+ employees. This involved drafting communications, developing a Furlough Leave of Absence code for Memorial to track expenses for those employees, negotiating with all carriers to extend coverage to furloughed employees through August 31, 2020.
  • Placed COVID-19 positive-tested employees exposed at work on FMLA or Personal Leave in conjunction with Workers’ Comp.
  • Assisted with the return of employees, moving them in Selerix and Fidelity’s systems to an active status.
  • Provided guidance to supervisors regarding FMLA, ADA, and Personal Leaves, moving employees into a per diem status in some instances to retain their benefits and administrative terms.
  • Provided edits to a draft policy for COVID-19/FLU and added information regarding FMLA, non-FMLA Personal Leave, Interstate travel, and International travel.
  • Handled all billings for UNUM products (Life, Voluntary Life and AD&D products, STD, and LTD).
  • Provided UNUM with employee information for Life, STD, and LTD claims.
  • Provided guidance on employee relations issues and worked with the HR Manager and employees to resolve questions and other matters.


Warbird can be relied upon to help healthcare organizations avoid the adverse impact of a critical vacancy by providing competent expertise to fill the gap.