Project Background

A Healthcare System and Medical Group had multiple issues in the Patient Access and PFS Billing areas. A new entity had recently been established between the Medical Group and a university system; it was 50% owned by the Health System and had similar problems. The existing teams were understaffed, needed an improved culture of focused attention, and had a structure that was not appropriate.

Services & Solutions

Warbird provided a Patient Access Director and PFS Director to lead teams and focus on culture improvement, PA & PFS performance improvement plan development, and system architecture document creation and distribution. Warbird also provided management of the current teams’ daily operations.

Outcome & Results

In addition to running day-to-day functions, Warbird was able to quickly produce results in all needed areas. In 90–120 days, the client began to hit target metrics and observe an improvement to the teams’ culture of productivity. Additionally, Warbird’s team led mapping of process in order to address GAPS.


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