What does it mean to be legendary? For Warbird, it means our clients value our work and approach to the point that we receive both repeat and referral business as a result. When Warbird was formed we talked about how we were going to differentiate our firm over time – this came down to performing in a legendary manner on each engagement and forming legendary client relationships. Becoming legendary is just one way to assess and describe a best-in-class engagement.

When I was an HR consultant, one of the hallmark characteristics of a successful engagement for me was being invited by my client to their annual holiday gathering. If they were pleased with my work I was usually invited.

In our effort to become legendary, help us catalog and benchmark all of the characteristics to gauge whether or not we are achieving our efforts. -Richard Woods, CAO

Serving Our Community

Warbird recently participated in its 5th annual SafeHouse Outreach Backpack-A-Palooza, a backpack giveaway event for children in need. This year Warbird contributed 40 backpacks filled with school supplies to help some deserving high school students headed back to school ready to learn.

Being active in various forms of community service is vital to our organization for many good reasons. One reason is that serving others reminds us, as a professional SERVICES firm, that SERVING the needs of our clients is the mindset and attitude which we must keep firmly in place as we endeavor to help them overcome their challenges and implement the solutions they urgently need. Another reason community service is vital to our organization is to raise awareness within the company about the importance of corporate social responsibility. While we serve our clients throughout the year, it is also important to give back to our community that surrounds us every day.