Client Profile – Tier-1 Automotive Supplier

The Need

  • Our client; A $5 billion Joint Venture between a major automaker and a Tier-1 supplier with the intent to either close or sell a number of manufacturing facilities was in need of experienced staff to execute the divestiture process
  • The Joint Venture firm was staffed to run the daily operations and ensure a continuous supply of quality products, but not to manage the sell-side activities that were required. Due to the temporary nature of the company, attrition had begun to occur among the Client’s salaried personnel in the targeted divestitures.
  • The Solution
  • Build teams to create stand-alone analyses units for operations that had previously been managed as an integrated part of a larger entity
  • Support the sell-side due diligence activities and the collaboration between Client and potential suitors; perform analysis of balance sheet line items of particular interest to the buyers based on the structure of each transaction
  • Prepared 5-year plant forecasts for potential buyers
  • Develop a shared services plan for post-sale operations recommend process improvements

The Results

  • Seamless integration, fast ramp-up and high quality work performed by our teams gave our client the confidence to let our teams lead them through the due diligence process